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Hardware Upgrades

Upgrades and Repair – Hardware Upgrades – Hardware upgrades happen all the time. Servers, computers, firewalls, upgrading components of networks is a constant ordeal. Whether due to a failure or upgrades to better equipment, technology is constantly evolving requiring hardware upgrades. Do you need more hard drive space? Do you want to run multiple screens but […]

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A Firewall is a network security appliance or device that accepts or rejects data traffic to or from the internet (WAN) from a private network (LAN) based on access rules. Firewalls help secure an internal network from an untrusted network like the internet. There are hardware based firewalls and software based. Information technology best practices

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Data Backups

How important is your data on your servers? How much is your information technology data worth? Do you have data compliance regulations to follow? Data backups are one of the most important aspects of a network. Ensuring you have proper backup in place give you the peace of mind knowing if disaster happens and you

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Cloud Integration

What is the Cloud? Cloud – What’s all this craziness I keep hearing about? OK, here we go, are you ready people? The cloud is just another name for the internet, cyberspace. Yep, it’s just another marketing scheme for information technology. I’m not sure who coined the name cloud, or when for that matter, but

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Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems are designed to identify users and control entry and exit from protected areas. These systems are commonly found on doors and gates for network security to protect servers, firewalls and data, along with other pertinent business files like accounting and human resources. Security Cameras can be integrated into the access control system,

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