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Website Design

Northwest Arkansas Website Design- Having a web presence today is like having an ad in the yellow pages 20 years ago, only better. Simply put, a web presence generates business. How much web based business you generate depends on how much you invest into your web presence. A visually appealing website with organized content, quality […]

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WiFi is a wireless technology utilizing radio waves that create a high speed connection for computers, printers, cell phones, gaming consoles and more used in offices, homes, warehouses or just about anywhere you might need to access information, networks, data, voice and streaming services without any cables or wires. Network Security should be a priority

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Virus Removal

Virus and Malware issues can create potentially devastating consequences. Not only can you have your identity and financial information (credit cards, tax info, bank info, etc…), potentially hijacked, used without your consent or maybe sold on the black market, your critical data can become corrupted and unrecoverable. There is a laundry list of things that

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Software Installs

Computer soft-ware is a collection of instructions in machine language that tells the computer’s resources to perform specific tasks. In the most basic sense, it tells hardware what to do. Users interface with software all the time, everywhere. It’s on your computers, phones, tablets and so on… Operating systems, applications like Microsoft Office, apps on

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The term “servers” is a widely used word in the IT industry. Servers – Theoretically, any computer that shares it’s resources with clients is functioning as a server. So if you are at home and using one computer to access a shared file on another computer, the other computer is acting as the server. This

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Network Design

Design – Requires innovation, and the ability to think outside of the box. Small and medium sized businesses usually don’t have a large technology budget like the larger businesses and corporations have. Small businesses can’t afford to throw down money for redundant data pipes, redundant firewalls, redundant backbones, clustered server environments for failover, redundant backup

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Network Cabling

For information technology, data and voice cabling are an integral part of building networks. Servers, computers, printers and phones are cabled unless you have a complete wireless environment, but even then you still have cables. A proper installation should look clean, with everything labeled appropriately, according to the design (if available). An example of proper

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Printers – They come in all different shapes and sizes, with an abundance of options to choose from. B&W, color, thermal, laserjet, inkjet, large format, multi-function, photo, receipt, mobile, are a few examples of the different kinds of printers available. Most of today’s are either USB or network connected (that includes wireless networks). Network MFPs

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Mobile Office

The Mobile Office has been around a while. In the literary sense, any occupation that had resources on wheels that moved with the worker is a mobile office. Hotdog cart vendors, food trucks, the milk man and ice cream trucks are all examples of how mobile offices started out. Heck, even the paperboy had his.

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