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For information technology, data and voice cabling are an integral part of building networks. Servers, computers, printers and phones are cabled unless you have a complete wireless environment, but even then you still have cables. A proper installation should look clean, with everything labeled appropriately, according to the design (if available). An example of proper cabling is on the left. There are also a couple examples of what not to do. It is much more cost effective to plan out the cabling structure with your current needs and adding room for growth in the beginning than it is to add drops as you go. The cable itself is fairly cheap, it’s the labor of pulling the cable that is the bulk of the cost.
how to not cable a network – bad cabling

For most projects, unless really small, this is something I prefer to outsource. I can pull cable, terminate cable to patch panels, install keystone jacks, make pc patch cables, I just prefer not to. I have spent many days in the trenches, well, ceilings is more appropriate, and it’s hot, dirty, and cramped up there! I have been using the same company to pull and terminate cable for my projects over the past seven years. They are quick, clean, professional, and best of all, reasonable priced. If you are needing data and voice cabling, give us a call. I will manage your cabling project and have the best pullers around put it in the walls!

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