The term “servers” is a widely used word in the IT industry.

Servers – Theoretically, any computer that shares it’s resources with clients is functioning as a server. So if you are at home and using one computer to access a shared file on another computer, the other computer is acting as the server. This is called client-server architecture.

A vast number of systems use this type of architecture. But, for all practical purposes, I am referring to a dedicated server here.

A Dedicated server is similar to a computer

-One of the big differences between the two is servers use their horsepower on backend processing tasks like databases as opposed to running heavy resource loads like desktop graphics processing. A server provide resources across a network or networks to your computer or internet connected device. There are lots of different kinds of server platforms; file & print servers, E-Mail servers, database, web, application, media server…Ok, I’m starting to sound like Bubba naming the different ways to prepare shrimp. Most of these services can be deployed in the cloud too. Network Security should be considered when deploying a server.

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